FOMO In Relation To Social Media

Social Media has a big amount of influence in that of our modern day world. Not only in one particular demographic, but in males, females, and young and old alike. In turn, it doesn’t matter as to where the person is located, race, language, age, gender, etc. the platforms that reside within the internet, allow many to connect with family and friends, and/or even make new friends across the world. As a result, it allows us to feel close with our loved ones, and even keep up to date with important news that is taking place locally, as well as nationally. But, even though there are multiple benefits that come with social media, there are also dangers that come with it, if one is not careful.

First and foremost, one of the biggest cons is the FOMO that many face. FOMO is defined by google as, “anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.” Therefore, individuals may find themselves surfing different media outlets such as; Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. looking at a trip that they weren’t invited to, and/or seeing the life of someone else, and experiencing emotions such as; envy/jealousy towards them, and even loneliness in that of their own being. For, they want to experience the same thing as that particular user, but instead find themselves stuck behind a screen—only able to watch, (and “like”) from a distance.

Second, is the addiction that can come through FOMO if one is not cautious. For, the anxiety and excitement that an individual feels when seeing that event happen elsewhere can turn into a full fledged “need” to see more. That’s why we oftentimes see that in today’s society millions of people will live stream the Facebook live of their favorite celebrity, and/or someone they look up to/admire. Yet, even though it’s good to have people to look up to, they might find themselves envying their lives to such a degree that it stems into obsession.

In conclusion, this is why our modern day society must be careful when it comes to social media, because if one isn’t mentally strong, and/or capable of understanding and analyzing his/her emotions in a healthy way, then the platforms that he/she subjects himself/herself too can be especially dangerous. But, if one makes sure to balance their social media usage with that of face-to-face interaction—and/or physical engagement with his/her surroundings—then it can be a blessing, rather than a curse, to those who use it wisely.